Ally UPGRADES For 1/10

Is it worth Upgrading Parts on Your Buggy/ MT ??

Whilst Tanking around our local track I damaged some parts on my MT suspension - popped into our stores and upgraded to the ally alternatives.
front end

The upgrades shown in the pictures above and below are Product Numbers -

   020130       Rear upright 
   08054        Ally Shock Tower
   06048         F/r ally link arms
   108021       Rear ally Lower Arm
   108019       Front Ally lower Arm

Spares Link to Upgrades

As the pictures show I replaced to ally parts (in purple) all bits that required replacing, including the rear shock tower, no trouble since.

shock tower

Changed over to 2.4 Ghz Receiver - very simple modification to do.  I am adding a YouTube video to show you how!
2.4 Ghz

Took out Brushed Motor and put in a Brushless Motor,  WOW what a difference !! More power and faster response and greater reliability.

brushed motor

Oh dear - Front End required more Upgrades -

front end

Front wheel nut not needed but looked good.  I also took out the 3KG servo and replaced with a 6Kg servo , stronger and more precise steering Worth while-

6kg servo

What made the most difference was taking out the original battery and replacing it with a 2.6 30c battery, this change I left to last .

lipo battery upgrade

All these Modifications can be bought from our site, they cost that little more so replace as original parts break, you may not need to go as far as I did, either way good racing !! Richard

PS. Since putting the above on line I have added an electric fan to keep the 540 brushed & Brushless motors cool as in picture

electric fan
I will be soldering the above fan with ESC fan !! This will required what ever car you have

wire adaption




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