Problems Binding Transmitter & Receiver

We have added this page to help modellers with problems especially with Fs-GT transmitter and receiver
  The FS-GT2 transmitter seen in the image providing its not knocked about is a very reliable piece of equipment, so if you are having trouble it's almost always the receiver

 Because of its location with heat vibration etc it can break down . It is possible to replace the receiver only or attempt to rebind transmitter and receiver in the following way-

To bind a new transmitter or new receiver together is a simple process 

1.  Take the replacement unbound receiver, switched off and plug the power cable in the top slot,it will only go in one way because of the locating lug on the side. Then push in the binding plug with silver connectors facing the power plug as shown

2 . Switch the power to the receiver on first so that the red light on the receiver is flashing.  

3.  Lift up the lid to the transmitter take a small screw driver or similar and GENTLY press down the bind button, highlighted , then turn on the power to the transmitter and the two will bind. 
the binding button must stay pressed down until the binding process is completed which will happen very quickly.

4.  Turn off both the receiver and transmitter . Pull out the binding plug from the receiver gently and replace the servo plugs back into the receiver with the silvered contacts facing the red button.

5. Turn on the transmitter first then turn the power button to the receiver on and the two will be bound!!

If you need any further guidance press the link below there is a useful YouTube link - we hope this helps.

Press Hear to link to a you tube video which helps understand how binding is done

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