Assemble engine Kit

Suggested Instructions for the assembly of our Engine Kits

1. Take 2 halves of the crankcase and oil both bearings .

2. Take crank shaft and push key-way end through the large side of the crankcase.

3. Select the correct gasket and place over the holes of the crankcase, ease the other side of the crankshaft through the small half of the crankcase gently push together. Select the long threaded hex bolts and put thread lock onto the thread and screw together. NB do not over tighten the bolts.

4. Place the correct gasket onto the top of the crankcase ready to accept the head. Select the piston pin, 2 spring clips which hold in the pin into the piston, the needle bearing and the 2 halves of washers designed to go either end of the needle bearings.

5. Oil the needle bearing and slide into the connecting rod. Put both halves of the washers facing inwards over the needle bearing.

6. Put the piston ring onto the piston. NB do not stretch anymore than is necessary. You should notice there is a tiny spigot within the recess of the piston, this is where the piston ring comes together.

7. Put the the small spring clip into one end of the piston where the piston pin goes. It will be much easier to get the clip in with needle nose pliers. Put end of the connecting rod into the piston, making sure the mark on the piston head is facing the exhaust side of the head. Once the hole through the piston lines up with hole through the needle bearing, slip the piston pin through and put the other spring clip in, this will permanently hold the piston to the con rod.

8. The next step is a little difficult however the piston with the piston ring has to slide into the pot. Oil the inside of the combustion chamber with oil and slide the piston into the chamber. This will only happen when the piston ring is held firmly in position around the piston.
NB make sure you have the pot facing the right way!!

9. When the piston is in, push the pot down to the assembled crankcase, line up the gasket and bolt down the head using the shorter bolts on the fly wheel side using thread lock to hold them in place . Do not tighten the bolts down until all four have been hand tighten down, once again do not over tighten the bolts you are securing them into aluminium not steel.

10. The last job of assembly is to screw the spark plug into place.

Good Luck 
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